Kieffer on the Couch

This is a series I’ve been wanting to publish for a long time. I inherited this couch from my Opa but very quickly Kieffer is the one who took it over. He shares it with us, sometimes grudgingly, and he does not like it if Karma dares to try her luck at cozying up on the couch as well. Often I’ll come downstairs and find him in some new, strange position on the couch–sometimes he’s built himself a fort with the pillows, other times he’s standing on the back of it like it’s a balance beam as he gazes out the window, on patrol.

So here goes, these are not fantastic photos, these were all taken on my iPhone, but I feel they best tell the story of Kieffer and his couch.


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One Response to Kieffer on the Couch

  1. Taylor Bailey says:

    what a weirdo ! so cute!!

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